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"My time on the Ask More Get More show was absolutely fantastic. There was laughter, genuinely interesting questions and it was fun. That makes for a great interview/discussion environment and ultimately a great show! It was an honour to be on!"

Dr. Darian Parker, PhD. NSCA-CPT
Co-Owner, Epic Leisure Management

"The Ask More Get More Show is an absolute treasure. Laura and Nicole are true inspirations and their unique blend of experience and expertise create an incredible show that I can't get enough of! Their guests are equally as inspiring and I've learned so much about business, entrepreneurship, mindset, and life. This show is a breath of fresh air and provides information and education in a fun and joyful format!"

Dr. Naza Nalani, PhD.
Cognitive Neuroscientist

"Laura and Nicole are deeply knowledgeable, serious about success, and good at drawing out the most fascinating topics we all want help with. If you want to have fun while learning from the best, I recommend you follow their work and subscribe to the podcast today."

Dr. Todd Snyder, PhD.
Organizational Psychologist

"Absolutely loved my time with Laura and Nicole today! These two Rock Star women are amazing and know how to asking intriguing questions to get the best from their guests. I felt fully supported and celebrated in everything I shared....which is the key to getting the best answers. Thanks ladies! "

Christy Rutherford
CEO, Vision Finder International

"I've appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts, but the energy that I experienced during my thought provoking conversation with Laura & Nicole remains unparalleled. It didn't take long for me to forget that the conversation was being recorded and I'll admit that I was disappointed when it ended (it could have gone on for hours)... hoping to be back as a guest soon!"

Stefano Di Lollo
Vice President, Leadership Development & Innovation at Papillon MDC Inc.

""My husband and I each completed an individual Kolbe Assessment, and then scheduled a Zoom appointment with Laura from Bare Slate in order to discuss the results. Even after being together for 10+ years, my husband and I were still surprised at all the new things we were learning about one another. (Even the ones that existed in plain view but we never saw!) ... At the conclusion of the appointment, her thoughtful act of sending us a follow-up email outlining helpful tools to assist us in the future, and how to ensure joint success going forward, was a caring touch that brought this experience full circle. We were both impressed with her knowledge of the assessment tool and would highly recommend anyone to contact Bare Slate to have their Kolbe Assessment(s) done... We are forever grateful; you truly are excellent in your kraft!"

Natalie L.
Executive Administrator

"I am in LOVE with this platform! It's like Netflix for business and personal development - I'm addicted!"

Vice President

... the pandemic didn't help matters and I spiralled into a pretty dark place, and part of what helped me was to connect with this team of professionals with whom I could share my thoughts and listen to other people experiencing similar stress and burnout...and get support....they are there with answers and suggestions to tough questions and situations, and there is absolutely no judgement. Having this team [this membership community] in my corner, especially Nicole and Laura, as well as the other members, is helping me crawl out of my hole and start to live again. I feel like I have people to turn to.

M. C-O