Paul Benn

Executive and Business Coach

Need to help in your career or your startup business


Sometimes, starting or taking action is hard, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not making a difference.

I’m Paul, An Executive Coach, specialising in helping people build professional and personal success journeys to have the life or career they desire.

It starts with understanding your goals,  and then creating a roadmap of the journey to those end goals. However, with any journey we have to stop for gas, food, and other supports to get us to the end.  Sometimes there are unintentional detours.

I believe that each of us has the potential to create the change we want in our lives and careers. But too often we get stuck feeling like we can’t. That is where I come in as your champion, motivator, and helper.

Organisations needs people like you. People who have your skills and value. 

And you need people like me. Someone who’ll not only help you find the confidence to step up and make that difference, but also support you as you create a life you love.


 I’ll help you unlock your greatest potential and get you set up for success

Answer six simple questions, and I’ll send you a customized strategy to overcome your productivity blocks and start taking action now.

What is executive coaching?


You will be better prepared to take on more challenging roles and opportunities through executive coaching. Through it, you are able to discover your unique wisdom, strengths, passion, and purpose. Understanding yourself better will improve your decisions and your ability to take on harder roles and more responsibility..

An executive coach teaches you how to improve your performance at work, increase your influence and become a more effective leader. Different from career coaching, which focuses on helping you find a new job or change careers.

With your executive coach will act as your mentor, working through deep questioning, reflection and processes to help you develop your unique strengths. Together, you’ll grow a toolkit of skills that will empower you to succeed in all kinds of challenging situations.

How does executive coaching help you?

Coaches aim to help people discover and develop their hidden potential. In executive coaching, you will be challenged, it will test your views of who you are, your limits, and your potential. Relationships will be improved as a result and open up opportunities for you to move into more challenging or senior roles. It will also improve your performance at work.


What is Business Coaching and how can I help you?

Business coaches assist and guide entrepreneurs in running their companies by helping them clarify their business vision and how it aligns with their personal goals. Coaching helps take businesses from where they are now to where they want to be.   

A business coach will first clarify where a business owner wants their company to go, which goals and strategies should be prioritized to get the company closer to its goals. Coaches meet regularly with business owners, either weekly or monthly, to ensure that they keep up with the commitments they made during past sessions.

The experience that coaches bring to the table is extensive. Their job is to figure out what the owners' goals are and create a plan to achieve them. Owners can benefit from their perspective on the company, enabling them to differentiate between tasks and long-term goals. 

I provide the following services as a business coach:

  • Understanding your clients
  • What jobs do your customers want to get down when engaging your business/product/service?
  • Developing your strategy
  • Assist in developing your business plan
  • Research - markets, clients, surveys etc
  • Developing your product or service
  • Working with developers to build your software applications

Contact me to find out if there is a service you need.