Matt Oxley


Ambitious IT - FKA -Oxley Performance Computers, LLC is owned an operated by Matt Oxley of Eastman, GA. We have been providing full stack IT Services to local businesses and consumers for over 20 years.


We specialize in IT Services and consultation for small businesses with a focus on process automation, cybersecurity, and best practices.


Contract IT services are available for small businesses with 5 or more machines, please email [email protected] or book a 15 minute consultation in order to get more information.


What are your COVID-19 Policies?

I am fully vaccinated (as of 9/2/21) and wear a mask when interacting in customer's homes and require the same of our customers. Our home practices social distancing and avoids crowds to reduce transmission. If you have COVID symptoms, or are not vaccinated - we will not provide services in your home and a drop-off will need to be scheduled after a negative COVID test. All devices are sanitized before going into my office or back out to customers. Debating about my mask, your mask, vaccination, etc is not covered under my normal fees and additional bills will be sent for time wasted.

Your prices seem high - what gives?

20 years of experience and building up tools and knowledge that make my work more efficient means that, generally - I can work much faster, provide enhanced security in my workmanship, and find and diagnose other - unknown issues - during a site visit without adding extra charges. We also provide a 15 minute buffer after the first hour which means you won't be charged for a time overage. Usually I cost roughly the same as a less expensive/less experienced technician when hours on site are accounted for. If you don't want to purchase a full hour, I reccomend a remote diagnosis session - many issues can be corrected remotely in 15 minutes or less at our discounted Remote rate.